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World Hypnotism Day 2019

Gotta love a day devoted to my big passion in life.

I was always interested in stage hypnosis, but I like helping people, so the hypnotherapeutic element of it was the big deal for me. But yes, it is possible for a few seconds that I can get you to stick your hand to a table, forget your own name, that sort of thing (mind, I’m knocking on a bit, and the latter happens to me a bit more often, so I don’t find that so impressive any more).

Being a quitter

What I did find impressive though, was quitting smoking with hypnosis. Honestly, it was a piece of cake. Here’s me thinking for years, no way, I’m stuck with this…..and nuh-huh……October 31 2010. Smoked my last cigarette, and never wanted another one since. And I took all the post hypnotic suggestions to heart like, “Smokers really stink”. How I didn’t get my head kicked in during the first few months is a miracle, walking around with “that” look on my face. Anyway, I still have the occasional thought or trigger, but hypnotherapy dealt with all of that; taught me how to deal. And I remember thinking I’d quit when a pack of 20 cost more than a fiver. Hmmm, might not have done that. But now they’re around a tenner? Fuck that, quite frankly.

So, I’m a big supporter of hypnotism and hypnosis, both as a fangurl, and as a consumer, and a practitioner. And yes, I do know how Derren Brown can do a lot of his stuff, and no I can’t do it all. But I can do some of it.

Myths – Clucking like a chicken

There are a lot of myths behind hypnosis and hypnotism, but there is nothing dangerous about the practice at all; the emphasis for me is on the therapeutic, clinical side of things. So no, I’m not going to make you cluck like a chicken (unless you actually have a desire to do so. We could make it A THING). The reason it is so effective is that you are in an entirely natural but slightly altered state of consciousness. You might be relaxed (yeah, that doesn’t work for me, more on that later), you might be focused, whatever it is; but your subconscious mind is listening out for what it needs to hear to get to work on fixing whatever it is that’s making you eye-roll at the whole world. It’s wonderful, lovely, magical if you want to think of it in those terms….that’s not my bag but, there’s definitely a place you go to when you are in trance…..even if you think you’ve been here the whole time. I usually ask my clients how long they think they’ve been in hypnosis, and the usual answer is five or ten minutes; the actual answer is really about 45-50 minutes. Trippy, huh?

Hypnautism (get it?)

Anyway, I said earlier I can’t relax under hypnotism, and I am also autistic, if you remember? I am launching a new service at which at the moment is nothing more than a domain name and a holding page, but if you are an adult with autism or aspergers, or a parent of an autistic/asperger’s child, stay tuned. And by the way, I work to your cues, so my approach with each child/parent/family will be different. If colourful language is out for you, it stays out with me.

Contact me

If you want to know more about hypnotherapy, please do get in touch. You can book a free discovery call on my calendar right here: you can also book a paid call if you feel all you need is a one off session, which you book through my calendar; this £100 will then be deducted, if you decide to proceed, from the balance of your programme if you choose either the Axe Anxiety or Project Confidence programme. Find out more here.