Happy New Year and be proud of where you are

Happy New Year and be proud of where you are

And I mean loud and proud

As some of you may know, I have Parkinson’s Disease, and I tried doing an easy Level 1 Hatha Yoga class a couple of days ago, and it nearly feckin killed me.

Now, I remember a time when asked to step forward on the mat, I couldn’t lift my left leg without picking it up with my hands, so we’re not quite back at that point. I’ve lost none of my flexibility, just a lot of strength. So, I’m going to be working on that, and going back to yoga more often, because I’ve realised it’s totally necessary for my wellbeing.

Yes, but what’s the point of all this Paula?

The point is, recognise how far you’ve come. It’s so tempting at this time of year to reflect back and think you’ve done bugger all, or maybe only made tiny steps, but you have every reason to be proud. My tiny step forward on the yoga mat was a big physical achievement I never thought I’d make.

I would really love it, if instead of thinking what’s wrong with us, we could start thinking what’s right with us….that’s a great way to build on resolutions you might be tempted to make….