Tug of War Day

Tug of War Day

Tug of War Day

This is an actual thing. Well, the tug of war world championships are being held currently, but I bet there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t struggle with their own personal tug of war. That internal can I/can’t I struggle….am I allowed to do this? Am I good enough? Am I allowed to have this? It’s something we all go through, and it’s usually down to a feeling of guilt, trauma, or just plain old worth.

Self Conflict

While I’m typing this, I’m sitting in the garden, trying to focus, while playing tug with my dog. Not an easy deal, as she puts a squeaky burger on to my chair every couple of minutes for me to throw, then changes her mind at the last minute and I have to wrestle it from her. So I’m torn. Do I play with her, or just get this piece written and published? I know the answer really, but she’s so cute, and I didn’t adopt her to ignore her. And so the argument goes on. And on. And on.

It’s not really a life changing argument, but it’s just one of many I have during my day. Of the 60 odd thousand thoughts that go through my head each day, it’s just one small example of the tug of war I’m playing against myself, against other people, but mostly with myself; and it can affect every area of my life, right from playing with the dog, to what to eat for dinner, to how much money I can spend on developing the business, how much it affects other people around me, and so on. There are so many fighting metaphors for this, and we wrestle with our subconscious every day and take so much out of ourselves to come up with something that seems reasonable to all sides of ourselves.

In Hypnosis

In hypnosis, I work with a lovely technique called Parts Therapy, where we call out all the parts of you that are in conflict, or trying to make a decision, or feel like they are in this tug of war. Usually, hard to believe though it may feel to you, they’re usually trying to reach the same outcome, just not all going about it the same way. We all, I suspect, have a part that likes to torture us before reaching a decision, making us feel terrible, making us believe it will have a terrible impact, and can’t see a solution; another part will have practical solutions we can call upon. One of my clients used to see it as a board meeting, which was a brilliant way of getting all the parts of his subconscious together, working for the same goal and all pulling in the same direction; no more tug of war, no conflict, just peace of mind.

If this sounds like you, then contact me, and let’s see how we can change your mind and help you live your best life. Nobody got time for that kind of conflict.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a patterjack who needs a squeaky burger chucking across the garden…..