Confidence building, overcoming anxiety

You don’t have to put up with feeling afraid

Scared shitless of life?

Don’t be, I’ve got your back. Learn how hypnotherapy can be tailored to you and your circumstances, to help you be free from phobias, eliminate anxiety and project confidence. OMG you’ll be so extra.

Why should fear and anxiety rule your decisions? Let me tell you, I’ve been there, and it sucks.

Here’s the deal. I’m qualified to help you. Firstly, I’m autistic, so come on; if anyone knows about overthinking and anxiety, it’s me, right? That also means I know the strategies and techniques to get through it. I’m a certified coach and hypnotherapist and psychotherapist (and lots of other things with “pist” on the end by the time I’m done, because I’m childish), I have a degree in psychology, and I know YOU because I know how people work; more importantly though, I listen to you and work with you.

There’s no one who wants to work with you more than I do; there’s no one who gets you better than I do.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Ever driven to work and not remembered how you got there?

Well, it’s kinda like that, but it’s voluntary, and it has therapy built in. That’s the important part. I talk to you, make suggestions, and your subconscious goes off and acts on these lovely new ideas.

Your mind is like an iceberg

And we all know what happened to the Titanic. Thoughts crash about in the lower bit of our minds, our subconscious, they stagger about like teens after a few too many Jagerbombs, and say and do things we regret. Hypnotherapy helps us gently correct our subconscious and our assumptions about ourselves.

Our subconscious is not the sharpest tool in the box

Ever found yourself having to give a presentation, and thinking, “I’d give anything to get out of this”, and then ending up with the world’s worst migraine the night before? Yep, that’s your subconscious trying to give you a solution to your problem, but not in the best way it could. And we are trusting our daily lives to this…..woah.

Our minds believe any old rubbish we tell them

This is a bit of a tricky sitch. We need to put good stuff into our minds, but with an average of 60,000 thoughts going on a day, that’s asking a lot without help, right? So let me help you; because those 60k words are a novel a day; just right now, that’s a novel mostly made up of gibberish, old relationships and skewed perceptions. 

How Do I know If Hypnotherapy is Right For Me?

The best way to find out is to contact me, and we can talk it through. Outside of a few recommendations, which I will go through with you before heading any further, there is no reason why hypnotherapy shouldn’t suit you.

Why should I choose you?

You’re the only person that matters when we’re talking. I was trained by the best, and I made sure I learned well. I’m good, I care, I love my job, I love helping you improve. You can trust me, I’m qualified, and also CRB checked.

Will you make me cluck like a chicken?

Only if you want to; if you do, I’ll join in with you. Otherwise, no. Can’t be done unless you want to I’m afraid.

Will it REALLY help me?

Yes; there’s a caveat though. It’s not a magic wand. It’s a relationship where we effect a change in your behaviour. You may need some arse kicking at times, and that’s ok. If, on the other hand, you put in no effort, it won’t help and it will live up to any low expectations you may have.

Will I feel like I've lost control?

No. No. No. No.

You are in total control. You can stop the process at any time. You don’t continue it to be polite. If there’s anything that doesn’t feel right, you just open your eyes and say, “Paula, I need to stop”. And we’ll stop. 

Is there anything else I should worry about?

I don’t really think there’s anything to worry about but if you are worried, just drop me an email to hello@happinosis.com and let’s talk.

My Approach

A bit sweary. I like a good laugh in hypnotherapy sessions. It’s totally allowed. One of my clients giggles all the way through her sessions and it’s just lovely. She has a (imaginary) pet rabbit which represents her anxiety and she cuddles it in sessions when she feels she needs it.

I tailor my sessions to you. I work on what YOU need to make you feel better, and it works. What can I say? It works. I love my job,

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

A one to one session prior to hypnotherapy is always a good idea, to see if my style is right for you, and that hypnotherapy is the right thing for yuu too.  If you want to book, we will complete an intake form that will ask you some questions about your general wellbeing and ensure that there is no reason for us to not continue.


Choose a Hypnotherapy Plan

When you’ve had your one to one, the next step is to work out what requires the greatest attention, and build your hypnotherapy sessions around that. Studies show that 6 hours’ of hypnotherapy are the equivalent in effectiveness to 600 hours’ of psychotherapy, so be reassured you don’t have to do this any longer than you want to.

Change Your Mind on Life

Whether it was blushing when you see that really cute guy in the office, or feeling like you don’t deserve the space you take up in the world, let’s take that old version of you, and set them straight on a few things, so you can get out there with a new perspective and live life the way you intended.

Phobia Fix 

Did you know we’re only born with 2 fears? The fear of loud noises, and fear of falling. We make up the rest all by ourselves. 

Phobias are tricky little buggers, kindly provided to us to keep us safe from harm by our subconscious. The subconscious isn’t the bright spark in the brain structure; it’s a bit like Hagrid being plonked into Hogwarts; off you go then, do your best. It tries, bless it; it works in the present tense and makes us scared of things to keep us away from the potential dangers it sees (real or not). Let me help you to get rid of your fears so your life can get bigger than the size of your bedroom once again. 2 sessions of lovely hypnotherapy should just about do it; and by the way, if it’s a spider phobia, don’t worry, you don’t have to find one to hold and pet, unless you end up really loving them, and changing career. 


Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety has a similar role in protecting us, and it does its best. We need a little anxiety in our lives to keep us safe from serious danger and harm; however, our subconscious and our fight or flight systems are not yet too well developed, and what they see as dangerous, and our rational frontal brains see as dangerous are entirely different. Think of it this way; all day, your emotional brain spends all day saying “OMG hun, are you ok, did you see that, that came from nowhere”, whereas your rational brain is saying, “Everything’s fine, chill your beans.”

We have the same fight or flight response if we were to drop a cup of coffee on the ground that we would if we were being chased by a big sabre toothed bugger; and as you can see, these reactions are out of proportion. Let me learn to help you to learn how to manage your anxiety, use it to your advantage, and understand the neuroscience behind it so it will never trouble you in quite the same way again. Whether you’re hanging on to the wall at a party, wondering when you can leave, or hyperventilating at the idea of presenting a report at work, the reactions are pretty similar. Talk to me, let me help. 



Still Have Questions?