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Anxiety – Is it a #firstworldproblem or a real life problem?

For some people in the workplace, there is nothing more likely to provoke the dramatic ermahgerd eye-roll than to hear about someone’s issues with anxieties. Particularly if you were born in the 80’s to early 2000s.

You’ll not get much sympathy from anyone older than that (except for me of course); you millennials, you generation Y, you don’t know you’re born, etc, blah blah. The way I see it, you’ve been pretty much dropped in the shit. Britain is in the worst state it’s been in for donkeys years, show any form of compassion and you’re deemed a snowflake (enough reason to get the anxiety to start to rise, for a start), and sometimes, just sometimes, life sucks.

So. let me reassure you…

Anxiety is a real life problem.

People take time off work with anxiety. The thing is, we don’t always recognise it as such, or we may pretend it’s something else because Janice in accounts once had anxiety and SHE was alright to come into work (yeah well we’re not all special like you, ARE we, Janice?)

Mental health must be taken seriously

Please PLEASE take it from someone who knows. Someone who knows both as a patient and a practitioner. I am no stranger to the black dog, so it you struggle with depression and or anxiety I can guide you and teach you real coping mechanisms that work. They REALLY work. I’m also funny…like, I’m the funniest person I know (probably because I’m autistic) so I’ll have you laughing all the way through your sessions, and it lightens the load immensely.

How can anxiety pretend to be something it isn’t?

It’s a sneaky little bugger.

  • That stomach ache, the headache that won’t go away. Been there for days. Seems to get worse every time you think about the report that’s due in next week.
  • All those irrational thoughts you just can’t shake, about how everyone is having a great life, and you’re not? All that FOMO? It’s bollocks. You know it really, but….
  • Why am I so dizzy? I can’t stop shaking, I can’t sleep, omg, what if there’s something really wrong with me? I’m so scared…..

Don’t be scared, I’m here, and I’ve got you.

21st century life

Don’t believe anyone who tells you it was all innocence and lovely back in the old days. It was bollocks.

I was born in 1970, I wore jumpers my nan knitted, had terrible school photos, we had three day work weeks, power cuts and strikes, 3 telly channels, a phone in the hall wired into the wall that you were never allowed to use, The only good thing on telly was TISWAS, and nothing good has happened ever since.

The only thing that was different was that because we didn’t have so much choice we didn’t have so much to miss; does that make sense?

So we didn’t have to have insta perfect lives, look as if our social lives were better than “theirs”, whoever they are, there was no competition. You didn’t have to be on 24/7, and there was very little pressure. Anxiety still existed of course, but it was a whole different kind of anxiety.

The school system was different for us too, it was basically a laugh from start to finish, leave with a handful of qualifications (O Levels, thank you very much), and come out on the last day with the ceremonial burning of your school tie.

There is no way school children now should be under so much pressure that they need people like me to get them through but it’s happening more often than ever. It breaks my heart (it might if it wasn’t already blackened so much).

Too many choices, too much stuff, am I making the right choices, how do I handle making a decision if it’s a bad one, how to I get back on my feet and stand tall again?

This can all be achieved by learning how to deal with anxiety in a hypnotic state of mind (omg it’s lovely), and you know what? It doesn’t take forever.

6 hours with me, or 600 hours with a psychotherapist – what a no-brainer (and as I am qualified as a psychotherapist, you can trust that I’m not in it to just take your money and keep you coming to me.)

I know you don’t have that much time to fanny about, you have work to be done and a life to live. Have a look at my hypnotherapy page and check out the Overcome Anxiety package, then contact me to book a complimentary one to one with me to see how you can me hot af again. 🙂

Speak soon.