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No one is born feeling bad about themselves.

And yet, every day I see clients that have such a downer on themselves, it’s no wonder their confidence is rocked to its core.

Before we knew anything about other people’s opinions, judgements, thoughts and feelings, we were pretty much ok with ourselves. Unless, like me, you’re born with something like Autism that makes you feel apart and separate, you’re pretty much at one with everyone else.

And even I had an ok opinion of myself as a child, even though I felt different.
 And we’re only born with 2 fears; the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. We don’t have any worries about flying, what other people think, and we don’t feel the need to compare ourselves to other people.

And then what happens…

And then society gets hold of us….
….and perhaps prior to that, family, and school.
We begin to imagine the worst; whatever the worst is at a young age. We develop the habit of worrying, thinking how awful we must be, undeserving. Really; undeserving.

What do you deserve?

Here’s what I think. No one inherently deserves anything. Good or bad, there’s no such thing as “what we deserve”. And yet that judgement picks us up by the throat and throttles us every day, and we live to that judgement.
And we wonder why we’re not confident.

But we don’t have to live by ALL of the rules. It’s ok to shake things up a bit and do our own thing. After all, who says you can’t? The people whom you wonder, “what will they think of me?” Screw ’em. What do you think of them?

It’s time to start changing our language as we refer to ourselves and our own lives. I’ve had a bit of a shake up in mine since being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and then kicked with the Parkinson’s stick, and I’m fucked if I’m letting this stuff keep a stranglehold on me.

Let me help you to loosen its grip and regain your confidence. Confidence you work hard for, and other people take away with actions and words that cause you anxiety, fear and harm.
If you’re struggling with feeling like you’re an authority at work, and that perhaps you’re not worth listening to, think again.
 I know it’s a tricky sitch but come on, you’re better than that.

Time to get back to basics.
Check out how we can work together and let’s get you feeling confident.
 Damn Girl. 🙂