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Did you know it’s Be Heard Day?

It made me wonder. Do you listen to everything you hear? And do you believe everything you are told? Do you believe everything you tell yourself? Just because you think it doesn’t make it true

Have you ever really thought about that? Of all the 60,000 (approximate) thoughts that we have in a day, some of them are bound to be inaccurate and just plain old wrong? 
Our brains process everything going on around us at blisteringly high speeds, so it’s rare that we stop to think that we may be flawed in some of our thinking, especially about ourselves and what we think of ourselves.
 If we were capable of doing so, those thoughts could be captured into a book Every. Single. Day.

Yes, but I know me, I hear you cry…..


We all face similar cognitive bias and flawed thinking
. And we can easily manipulate this information so it supports our flawed perceptions.
 There are lots of cognitive biases that allow us to get away with thinking we’re a bit basic, that things never work out for us, and that “I told you so”.

It’s very convenient to think this way, because it’s certain isn’t it? It’s a constant in our lives when things don’t feel so good; when your confidence is at rock bottom, it’s almost comforting to be stuck because change means scary stuff, but at least this is just the status quo.

The Status Quo bias

I’m going to talk about a few styles of cognitive bias and flawed perceptions over the coming days and weeks, that keep us stuck and frozen in inaction. The Status Quo bias is what it sounds like (actually maybe not, because it’s not about long hair and playing songs with only three chords); it’s maintaining equilibrium, keeping things the same, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

No one EVER gets confidence from maintaining the status quo.
 This means we don’t have to deviate from our usual decisions, and we can play it safe. I went back to university when I was 46. Was I scared? You bet your ass I was.
 Was it great? Fuck yes.
 Was I more confident as a result? Yes, and do you know why? I was challenging the status quo, pushing myself to do stuff that someone with Asperger’s finds difficult, (and my age, let’s face it, I’m an old doll) and I was so extra, you wouldn’t believe it (while having to get my coping strategies in place).

Listen, if you keep doing the same old, you’ll get the same old. Wouldn’t you rather just be heard and get yourself feeling good, being confident, and ensuring your success?
 Start challenging the status quo
? Make some decisions that are out of the ordinary for you. 

And let me help you. It’s my mission to help you to live a life full of confidence, to ditch your fears, and gain professional success as a result.
 Find out more by checking out how to work with me because learning how to roar like fuck is the first step.