I’m Paula Jones

Badass* Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach

Helping You Change Your Mind and Live Your Best Life


Because if you have to spend half an hour crying in the shower before you can get your game face on, there’s something not right in your world.

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Because living with fear and anxiety are the worst feelings in the world. They stop you living a half way decent life, they make you question all your life choices, and they lie to you. I won’t. Click. That. Button.

Bringing out your hidden baddass.

Time to be Extra AF

Waking every morning thinking "Can you just not?"

Know there's a badass version of you just dying to get out?

Does success seem like it's for other people?

Life, relationship and job all fallen apart at the same time?

My Mission

I am here to help you get the better of anxiety, build your self-belief, boost your self-image, get into flow, and believe your own voice so that you can perform better in the areas you care about. So, no more crying in the shower for half an hour before work, no more staring in despair at your computer screen, wondering what you should be doing next and why you should bother anyway, and making your life just EXTRA AF because you can. You really can. I’m autistic and think differently, and I have the strategies and tools to help you get exactly what you want, because I did it too.

Is it like having a fairy godmother?


Can you make me promises it will work?

No, and why should I? You might change, your circumstances might change, that thing you thought you were coming to see me about might turn into being about something else entirely. Let’s wait and see, shall we?

Is it worth the money?

Well; I think it is. I have invested many thousands of pounds in my training to help people like you to live happier and more fulfilled lives. I continue to do so. And I’m bloody good. Yeah, I’d say I’m worth the dollar. 

Isn't it self-indulgent?

Only if you believe that to be a useful member of the human race is self-indulgent. I believe in giving my best when I can, don’t you?

When can I start?

As soon as you are ready. Read through the site, get all the info you need and then hit me up. I’m here to help you live that badass life. Try to get to me before you reach the ugly crying stage. We know that’s not good. 

About Me

Hi there, I’m Paula and I’m a *badass hypnotherapist and coach. It’s true, my clients tell me so. And my clients mean the world to me; they are people just like you who are feeling stuck and maybe a bit lost, overwhelmed by a lack of self confidence, too busy pleasing everyone else to get to enjoy the fruits of their labours. Having your life feel like one big eye roll at the world when you’re overwhelmed and your confidence has been kicked is no fun. And I totally get it. When I was diagnosed as Autistic at the age of 46, I had to go through the process, again, of finding me and what I was about. But I did it before, so I did it again, just the way I work through these things with my clients.

My Happy BFFs

“You are a *BADASS!

You took me when I was broken, and very gently put me back together again. I was at the point of no return and I found you just when I needed you.”

– A.N. 2021

“Just the right amount of no-f***s given.

You’ve inspired me and I realise that it’s ok to stand out from the rest and do my own thing in my business.

-E.E. 2020

Want to find out more? Yes I have a phone, but you know what it’s like. Who answers? I may be with a client. Please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you.

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