The Escape Club

An invitation to be a founder member of the Escape Club for just £20 a month.

Living every day with anxiety is like walking on broken glass.
Feel like anxiety has a grip on you and just won’t let go?

Join me as a founder member of the Escape Club, and you will have access to resources that will release you from the prison of anxiety and free you to learn to manage, eliminate and unlock your mind’s safety behaviours and uncertainty.  No more constant what ifs, and living on your nerves.

Every month, I will show you techniques to help you soothe and calm your mind, give you downloadable resources, and in our exclusive Facebook group, there will be live Q&As with me, and a monthly Zoom group coaching call. All this for founder members for just £20. The next time the group opens, the price will rise, but rest assured your founder member price will never go up.

Just £20 per month

Access to resources to calm your anxiety

Exclusive Facebook group with Live Q&A sessions

Monthly group Zoom coaching calls