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World introvert Day

That was yesterday, and I would have posted about it yesterday, but occasionally life takes over a little and domesticity was the order of the day (I’m decorating my rental kitchen, I think I may have lost my security deposit. Oh well. ). 

I’m an introvert. I’m cool with that. I have to be really; I’m an introverted 48 year old autistic woman, and it’s something about me that will never change. But with the right mix of people, you’d never know it. I’m funny as fuck, I’m at least the second funniest person I know, and I say things that make other people shake their heads, that I’ve dared to do that. But I’m an introvert. Truly. Ask me how I am, and you’ll find out how introverted. (Fine, is usually the answer, I don’t know where to go from there). By the way, just in case you’re wondering, I do also know when it’s appropriate not to throw around the swears, I’m a lady you know.

Motivation and inspiration Day

That was yesterday too, which is handy because that’s the theme for this month at Happinosis. If you can’t be motivated and inspired in January, then when can you. To me though, it has a lot of different connotations. Motivation and inspiration can be either incredibly positive or heartbreakingly touching. It can be about dragging you off the bones of your arse or taking you even higher than you are now. Whichever your starting position happens to be, I’m right there with you. I’ve been at the bottom. I’ll hold your hand and pull you out if you need it. If you’re doing ok but things could be better, then I’m here too. Come on lazy arse, get moving. I don’t care if you’re an introvert and would rather sit on the edge of your bed and question your life choices before your feet hit the floor. I can do it, so can you.

Definitely a good mix.

I was trying to come up with a good combination word for introvert/motivation and inspiration but I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound like I wasn’t trying to clear my throat. Luckily, not important enough to worry about. 

Anyway, I’m going to have a nice little challenge for you to take part in, in a couple of weeks. If you want to get in touch with me to make your life less eye-rollingly unbearable, before then, get in touch. 


Till then, laters.