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Festival of Sleep

Aaaah sleep. Lovely, lovely sleep. Can’t get enough of it, can we? Often don’t get enough of it, quite frankly, do we?

It’s not that I’m lazy, but I do think it’s one of the best parts of the day, but what if you can’t get to sleep? It’s lovely having an unofficial holiday dedicated to recovery from the festive season, but there’s a fair chance sleep escapes you on a regular basis.

See your doctor

You knew I was gonna say that, right? Any causes of insomnia should be investigated because there might be something behind it. I can speak from experience here; part of my recent health adventure has been a diagnosis of REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder, where I’ve been sleeping very little, and when getting to sleep, throwing things around, waking up screaming, jumping out of bed; you could have brought along popcorn. So, get the medical stuff out of the way first.

Save this post for this evening; or now if you want to indulge in some glorious kip.

Now listen to me

No really, listen to me. Open up youtube on your phone or iPad, put it somewhere safe where it will not overheat (so not under your pillow), and just drift off to the sound of my voice.

Sweet dreams…..