Paula Jones

Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Helping you change your mind on life

Hi, I’m Paula, and I’m here to help you to be your own best friend.

My Story

I was that person who just did not fit in; not at school, and certainly not at work. I was a people pleaser, shy, and easily put down, but what I was great at was teaching people. I started working in training and development in 1998, and almost 20 years later, I discovered that I am on the autism spectrum, and that explained A LOT.

I understand that your personal confidence directly affects your professional success. This is what has you wondering how long you could fake a broken leg so you don’t have to go to work. This is why I do the job that I do; I can help you to change your mindset so that you feel free to be yourself at work, while maintaining professionalism. Seriously, professional AF, and yes, I do mean it. Come on, I know what it’s like to hold down a job, be professional and still be human, you know. It’s all about being your own best friend.

Talk to me today about letting go of any crap holding you back,  and anxiety, dealing with phobias, and changing your thinking so that you are no longer waiting to be found out. If it’s that your fear of spiders is holding you back, or it’s the fear that you’ll never be quite good enough…let’s work it out and turn you into a happier, more resourceful, and confident version of you.

My Values & Beliefs

It's so important to like yourself

You are the beginning and end of your day and your life. Doing everything for everyone else is kind, but what about you? Self-worth, self-assurance and self-belief are the three ingredients to life that we all need but some of us find hard to attain, but with the right motivation and guidance, you can close that gap between where you are now and where you know you really could be.

 I’m here to help steady you. With great coaching and therapy techniques, you can be confident in what you are, with great relationship skills, living life and business with your own special brand of magic..

You don't have to put up with feeling anxious and scared

If your default setting is one of medium to high anxiety, then isn’t it time this stopped? This is a barrier to success, whatever success means to you, and more than that, it’s a mindset that we pass on to those around us. Learn to be yourself and living and working with your values, so you will be congruent, happy and able to manage whatever is thrown at you.

Confidence is a skill and it can be learned

Believe me, it’s a skill I needed to learn, and I made sure I did. I love understanding about how our minds work, and being autistic lends me a unique insight to techniques and strategies that take the pressure off. Let me teach you too. The benefits of becoming unstuck and freeing yourself to live and work in a way that makes you happy is great for you, improves all your relationships (really) and allows you to be your own BFF. What’s not to love?

My Approach

I am a big believer in taking the sting and seriousness out of situations, and learning to take them to heart a little less. Life is a serious business, but we don’t always have to be. 

I think it’s absolutely essential to be ourselves, and work and live in congruence with our values. Cutting through the noise will help you work out what that means for you. I can help you to do this with coaching, hypnotherapy, or a blend of both. If you’re not quite ready for that, you can try one of my self-paced mini courses.

Working with me will help you see through it all, and you will learn to develop confidence, real skills for dealing with stresses and anxieties, and overcome fears. You will SLAY. It’s my mission in life to help you change your mind on life and to help my clients find an easier way with fewer sleepless nights, sick days and fears that you might just be losing it. If you change your mind, then everything else changes the way you want too. 

Try it and see. Click the button below to book a free call.

Here’s how I’m qualified to tinker about with your mind and emotions. You are in safe hands…

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